Infinite Progression Towards Humanity


Jayanta Dey(Retired Sr. Sales Manager BNC Publishing, Dubai UAE.)

I specially thank each and every member of Jagorani for providing me an opportunity to be a part of the 10th Educational Project at Bankura on June 23rd 2018. This was my first voluntary work with them and it was undoubtedly and experience which is beyond words. The utmost support, love and affection from each of the volunteers, their organised team work and the smiling faces of the 143 children coming from the poor & needy families was an amazing and awesome experience. I have decided to be a volunteer in all their future projects. God bless them for their noble deeds.

Dr. Atindra Nath Das [ Senior Professor (Retired) , SINP ]

It is a great pleasure and privilege to write a few lines about 'Jagorani', a charitable organization, rendering selfless and very effective service to the underprivileged section of the society. All the active members of 'Jagorani' are very young and serve the people with pure heart and enthusiasm. 'Jagorani', a budding organization, is founded only in May 2016. However, it has done a very significant amount of work within this short period proving its meaningful existence. The works worth mentioning are: I. Serving about four hundred students of schools in remote villages in Bankura, Sundarban and Purulia by providing them complete educational kit under the ‘Expansion of Education’ scheme and free health checkup. II. Preventing starvation of homeless poor people, especially mentally and physically retarded, by distributing foods regularly to them under the ‘Food for Needy’ program. III. By distributing dress to a large number of poor, mainly footpath dwellers and children residing in slum areas during Puja and winter under the ‘Dress for Poor’ program. IV. Sponsoring complete food and education to selected orphans in their ‘Little Star’ program. V. The organization has also conducted tree plantation camps and awareness programs to reduce environmental pollution which is a very alarming concern of the present world. I am deeply impressed and overwhelmed by the activities of the organization since its inception. I wish the organization continue its selfless service to the society and succeed in their mission.