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Rewrite Their Educational Career

"Rewrite Their Educational Career"

In today's world when we, the civilized society is approaching the world in every possible way with every possible facilities available for us, there is a huge number of unprivileged people, family who are lagging behind just because society is not available for them. Their economical condition is so doomed that they cannot afford a simple education for their children. Hence they are asking their own children to work for living, to earn money.

Jagorani as an organization is stretching their hand towards these unprivileged families by giving them a chance to stand straight, providing them the stationeries for their children's education and awareness for their health without discriminating their religion, cast and creed, so that they don't have to bunk school. Most of the students belonging from these families are enlisted under B.P.L. We are helping them now and will continue the same.


Total 532 poor students of 12 schools in the remote part of the WestBengal.
*Total 143 students of 2 schools in Bankura Ranibandh (Mukutmanipur Area), which is 257 km from Kolkata.
* Total 258 students of 7 schools in Sundarbans Jogeshganj (Hingalganj Island), which is 131 km from Kolkata.
* Total 131 students of 3 schools in Purulia (ARSHA,BELKURI), which is 325 km from kolkata.

Jagorani helps those unprivileged students by giving them the followings throughout the year 25 Note Books, 15 Pens, 10 Pencils, 5 Eraser, 1 Scale, 1 Sharpener, 1 Pencil Box, 1 Water Bottle and in some certain cases School uniform.

Apart from this, to develop the infrastructure of the school and to get students involved with the new technologies JAGORANI provide one Computer and some other miscellaneous things like varieties types of Charts, Maps, Globe, First Aid Box etc to each of the mentioned schools. Apart from this, Jagorani gives awards annually to encourage the students to keep on working on their annual exams, attendance in school and good behaviour. To keep a healthy lifestyle of the students and continue their studies without any hazards, JAGORANI organizes Health-Care centre twice a year, where JAGORANI provides a preliminary checkup for these students which includes,
1. Eye Checkup (Power)
2. Color Blindness Checkup
3. Malnutrition
4. Dental Checkup
5. Skin Checkup
6. Body Mass Index (BMI) etc.

If any of the students are diagnosed by these sicknesses or any other sickness then we provide awareness to their guardians and also provide Doctors prescribed medicines. To avoid dental and skin problem we provide items 2 Tooth Paste and 1 Tooth Brush, 2 Disinfectant Soap per student basis. Children who have acquired plus(+) or minus(-)power in their eyes we provide them spectacles free of cost upon doctor's observation.
JAGORANI always wants to look into a bigger picture. So we keep tracks on the assessments of children's health checkup and the environmental issues besides them. On basis of that we arrange some awareness programs on Science and Environment to mitigate their issues thoroughly.
Jagorani provides new dresses to these students before Puja.
JAGORANI's future mission is to arrange a home tutor for these students and if those students will do a good result, JAGORANI has plans for providing them with a scope of higher education in Kolkata to furnish their future.



 If you want to provide the stationeries, Computers, Tooth Pastes and other miscellaneous items and be a part of this change you can directly contact with the volunteers of Jagorani. You can also donate money for buying these items in cash or through PAYTM in 8100155055. You will receive the receipt of your donation in your email or Whatsapp number. Our bank details are as follows:
ACCOUNT NO: 26600200000666
IFSC CODE: BARB0KESTOP(Fifth character is Zero)
MICR CODE: 700012053

If you know any Doctor who wants to participate in any of the Health Care Campaign or Awareness Campaign, he or she is always welcome to serve those needy students.